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MEDIATRONICSprofessional audio products - Middle East and North Africa

Mediatronics Middle East is a leading solution provider of professional audio equipment and communications equipment for TV and radio broadcasting, recording studios, all kinds of entertainment places, sports and convention venues as well as for the hospitality industry, shopping malls and airports.

Digital public address systems are our specialty for all kinds of applications. Either for a paging system, for background music (BGM) or as a voice alarm system / voice evacuation system (EVAC). Our digital audio networks and audio distribution systems are based on CAT5 cables or fibre optic cables. They are scalable, that is why they fit into every application and project size. For sound distribution / sound reinforcement systems in auditoriums, convention halls, ball rooms etc., we are using the latest and finest technology, which does not excite the room, it only excites the people.

By using DSP controlled line arrays as electronically steerable line arrays, we achieve incredible results in terms of intelligibility even in acoustically complicated rooms (e.g. mosques, big halls, airports, etc.).

Digital conference systems for up to hundreds of delegates with integrated voting system and conference recording systems are provided by us, as well as digital interpreter systems as stand alone system or integrated into the conference system.

Our cluster of products in the field of digital public address systems and pro audio technology is being rounded by class-D amplifiers, tube condenser microphones and transformer less studio condenser microphones as well as studio monitor loudspeakers.

Those who have increasing demands on Background Music Systems should check out our Mood Mixer, which turns every Background Music System into a Playout System like a radio station. Get revenues from your BGM system, by using VARIZONE and Mood Mixer for micro casting.

For TV and radio stations we are representing leading manufacturers of digital audio mixers, routers / matrixes, AGC systems (Level Magic) with SDI and HD interfaces, voice processors, digital telephone hybrids, audio interfaces, audio and video codecs for point to point transmission and also as streaming server for web radio or web TV. In order to manage, edit and play out the whole content of a radio station or TV station, it is worth to check out in depth our Broadcast Automation System. With Amily we provide to the Middle East market the most powerful tool in order to manage as efficient as possible the most valuable time of a broadcast station - the airtime. Airtime Management, spot bookings, play lists, billing, accounting and statistics under one umbrella. We provide you with nearly 20 years of system experience.

Mediatronics is focused on home automation, a field within building automation, specializing in the specific automation requirements of commercial and residential buildings and in the application of automation techniques for the comfort and security of its residents. Many techniques are used in building automation, such as light and climate control, control of doors and window shutters, security and surveillance systems, control of multimedia home entertainment systems or automatic control over GSM mobile systems.

Mediatronics delivers an extensive range of products from conventional audio and video cables to specialist designs such as StarQuad microphone cables or composite, fibre optic and outside broadcast cables.

Whenever it comes to professional audio solutions, the result depends upon experience, profound education and the right components. We put on top a strong liaison with leading European manufacturers and our team of innovative engineers and creative system designers. That leads to unbeatable solutions in terms of performance and investment. That´s why we are smart...

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