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Aeon Audio Mixer AEON Audio Mixer

KLOTZ Digital´s best seller AEON is a digital On-Air console which unites modern high-tech design with extraordinary features, at an unbelievable price:
  • Surface available with 8/12 or 16 faders
  • Ultra slim low profile design (@ 1"/2.5cm) for a wide variety of layouts
  • 5 stereo buses: PGM, REC, AUX, Clean feed/Mix Minus 3, CUE/PFL
  • 2 mono buses: Clean feed/Mix Minus 1 and 2
  • Unlimited number of individual console snapshots & user mic presets
  • Voice processing presets
  • 8+8 GPI/Os on board (expandable)
  • Level meters for all busses and selected inputs
For more information see AEON technical data.


Xenon Audio Mixer Xenon Audio Mixer

XENON is packed with innovative features and offers all the advantages of digital on-air consoles. At the same time it combines comfortable handling with a price you are familiar with from analogue consoles.

  • 6 or 12 faders [compact or split arrangement]
  • 17 channel input pool
  • 4 MIC/Line
  • 4 digital and 7 stereo
  • 2 mono inputs
  • 4 stereo busses: PGM, REC, UTL, CUE
  • 2 mono clean-feeds
  • High quality EQ and Dynamics
  • Snapshots and channel presets
  • Macro programmable function keys
  • Programmable GPI inputs and outputs
For more information see XENON technical data.


DeCennium Audio Mixer DeCennium Audio Mixer

Technical perfection and an extraordinary design: The new KLOTZ DIGITAL audio mixing console D.Cennium sticks to these two principles which make the console a valuable device for real audio professionals. It fulfils the very individual requirements of modern radio studios and broadcast centers and at the same time offers a unique and functional design.

  • Customizable console with 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 faders
  • External audio engine with integrated router and modular audio interface cards
  • Integrated DSP pool including 6-band PEQ´s and dynamics assignable to any source
  • Integrates seamlessly into KLOTZ DIGITAL´s fiber optic and OCTO-BUS audio and control networks
  • Graphical User Interface for configuration and operation
For more information see D.Cennium technical data.

INTELLIMIX® Versatile Desktop Mixer

Intellimix® Versatile Desktop MixerIntellimix® Versatile Desktop Mixer

Digital desktop audio mixer with integrated router. Internationally acclaimed for use in journalist cubicles, newsrooms, sports or ingest. The ideal tool for any workplace with easy-to-operate requirements.

  • Ultra-compact 3 fader desktop Control Unit
  • Selected control elements for intuitive operation
  • Alphanumeric display for easy navigation
  • Level (PPM/VU) and warning indicators
  • Smart Card for individual user setups
  • Small-sized Base Unit (19"/1U)
  • 14 digital and analog inputs
  • Two high quality mic preamps
  • Multiple digital and analogue outputs
  • Two mix-minus feeds
  • Full on-air logic
  • All digital design
For more information see Intellimix® technical data.


MIX4 Digital Desktop MixerMIX4 Digital Desktop Mixer

MIX4 is a digital desk top mixer which has been particularly designed foe SNG / ENG, Video Editing Suites, Shared Resources Workplaces, etc. MIX4 can possibly equipped (customizable) with the following interfaces:

  • SDI in/out (4 channel in/out)
  • 4 x analogue stereo in
  • 4 x AES/EBU in/out
  • 2 x Mic in
  • 12 stereo I/Os
  • 4 configurable stereo busses (mix, mix-, pre mix, post mix, direct out)
  • Video sync optional
  • 12 stereo outputs
  • Phase meter
  • Monitor section with three monitoring paths
  • Desktop remote control
For more information see MIX4 technical data.

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