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amily advertising management family

amily advertising management family amily advertising management family

amily.traffic is the most flexible and extensive traffic system for the media market. It´s of course multimedia capable, it´s international, it´s open. Its multimedia capability supports cross media campaigns.

Multilingual and multiple currency capability make international operation possible with amily.traffic. Its open because amily.traffic can exchange all data between all systems of your company and those of your partners.

amily.traffic organizes and supports your entire traffic system and supplies you with all information necessary for optimization of your booking system.

amily.traffic´s high flexibility permits implementation of your marketing and sales concepts. With amily.traffic you can stay creative and be certain of amily supporting your planning!
  • Multiclient capability for order and offer management
  • Traffic with fine planning
  • Data administration and advertising material management
  • Structure of solid and flexible packages (combinations)
  • Support of all advertising, price and discount models
  • Billing system (customer, partner and representative accounting)
  • Extensive and flexible evaluations (quick reports)
  • Open interfaces to planning, broadcasting and finance accounting systems
  • EDI (Import/Export)
For more information see amily.traffic technical data.

amily.crm system

amily.crm system amily.crm system

Do you really know your customer well? Do you know when, how and how often your customer accesses your offer? amily.crm gives you complete support for your most valuable asset: your customer.

The aim of amily.crm is: Customer transparency! Here you have the possibility to optimally organise marketing and sales strategies suited for the demands of your business partners. Of course you file and research all current data for each person with amily.crm. Of course amily.crm disposes over various functionalities to design your lists, mailings and advertising activities. Of course you can check your customer relation activities (contact report, correspondence) any time. But amily.crm can accomplish much more!

In the customer file, you will find all information necessary for each customer: business volume development, unpaid bills, contact reports, comments of your colleagues, all data and maybe even a picture! Good that amily.crm can give you this information at the touch of a button as quick as possible so that even an incoming call from your customer can´t surprise you.

With the campaign management, you can plan, realize and post-process your actions. With the extension "event", you can organise all your events and meetings, even the seating arrangements...
  • Address and data administration
  • Contact management with integrated document management
  • Extensive and flexible search functions
  • Creation and maintenance of selectives and lists
  • Action and campaign management (preparation, implementation, post-processing)
  • Quick overview customer file
  • Display of customer profiles
For more information see amily.crm technical data.

amily.dataware system

amily.dataware system amily.dataware system

Haven´t you always dreamed of a system that gives you a continuous overview of the ratios and figures of your company? With which you can generate any type of predefined report and can automatically distribute these, which makes possible a solid analysis of your data stocks as well as of the marketing studies data.

amily.dataware offers exactly this! Being the powerfool tool for data warehousing that it is, amily.dataware offers high flexibility in the structuring of queries, in the definition of filters and in the display of results.

You can carry out your evaluations for different data stocks at the same time. Analyze your customers´ profiles, accounting method as well as the business volume development for each type of offer. Compare your business volume with the S&P data of AC Nielsen. Watch your market and your competition with the help of all relevant marketing studies data. By the way: amily.dataware also supports your concept for optimization of your offer and your revenue (revenue management) with its extensive functionalities.

Surf through your data… there is a lot to discover!
  • Evaluation of various data stocks (traffic, business volume, invoices etc.)
  • Evaluation of marketing research studies (AC-Nielsen, Fokus, Adscope, MA, IVW etc.)
  • Flexible and freely designable ad-hoc-analyses
  • Generating and automatically distributing reports
  • Automatic monitoring and visualization of parameters (figures, ratio)
  • Server-based stacks processing
  • Revenue management
For more information see amily.dataware technical data.


d´accord.TVsuite d´accord.TVsuite

Based on 18 years of experience in digitalisation of media production processes in radio broadcasting, the d'accord broadcasting solutions gmbh in the past years also developed a complete solution for video and tv production - the d'accord.tvsuite. The core of the system is an intelligent Content Management System that in a technologically consistent and user friendly manner can manage all media formats used in tv, radio and web.

With open interfaces to existing software modules on the market, the system was developed to secure full flexibility and investment security for media companies when optimizing their work flows. This is valid especially when looking at possible developments in bimedia or trimedia production for radio broadcasting, tv and other distribution channels. The switch be done step by step with the d´accord.suites and according to demands and possibilities of the individual production entities.

Next to a high performance basis for video content, the d´accord.tvsuite has a simpler clearly structured production process. Video interfaces for the LoRes cut (for example with VPMS) as well as work stations for HiRes productions (for example with Final Cut Pro) all possibilities for modern video editing is offered.

In the area of planning, the experience coming from radio broadcasting development is important. Multiuser and multichannel capability guarantee that each broadcasting structure is imaged optimally. In addition, there are tv specific developments that make controlling of text generators and tele prompters as well as flexible working in automation possible.

SOAP and MOS are supported so that no limits exist regarding accessibility of established playout and production systems. In this way, the d'accord.tvsuite is the ideal solution for tv stations which want to modernise their work flow from ingest to playout. With its multimedia structure radio and web can be integrated anytime.


d´accord.radiosuite d´accord.radiosuite

Radio, tv and internet complement each other in many ways and will grow together even more in the future. As a leading partner of the media branch d'accord takes this development into account with its highly integrated production and broadcasting system.

The new d'accord combines a variety of innovative products and is therefore able to handle the complete workflow of a modern broadcasting station. Starting with the ingest followed by the editing and administering of content up to the playout d'accord coordinates all work steps and provides the necessary tools. The possibility of a large-scale automation drastically reduces financial expenditure as well as the number of personnel.

d´accord offers the right solutions for successful broadcasting – for small tv stations, radio stations or multi media corporations.

For more information see d´accord.radiosuite technical data.

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