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Installation Cables for Audio and Video applications

Installation cables for Audio and Video Installation cables for Audio and Video

Mediatronics delivers an extensive range of products from conventional audio and video cables to specialist designs such as StarQuad microphone cables or composite, fibre optic and outside broadcast cables.

Using state-of-the-art materials and processes, we create compact, lightweight cables that comply with all international standards and safety regulations. Our cable production is ISO 9001 certified.

Mobile Media Cables

Cables for mobile use, e.g. drum-wound for outdoor broadcast and live events or loose cables on the stage and in the studio, but also patch cords, must be highly flexible and endure countless bending cycles. Non-crush properties and resistance to electromagnetic interference are critical.

Audio Cables

To maximize flexibility, only stranded conductors are used. Screening almost exclusively comprises flexible copper wire spiral, double spiral or braid screens.

An overall screen is useful on multicores to increase their shield efficiency. The best results are achieved by using a braid screen, which also improves the cable's mechanical stability.

Video Cables

Solid inner conductors are generally used for video cables due to the transmission parameters, together with large drum diameters.

The standard screening for video cables is a braid screen, with an additional underlying foil screen used for digital video cables.

Cable and cable jacket materials

If no specific requirements are made, e.g. regarding flexibility at low temperatures or abrasion resistance, PVC cables are normally used. Cables with PUR jackets are recommended for cases of increased mechanical stress and in winter operation.

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