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Building Automation for Comfort And Efficiency

Building Automation for Comfort And Efficiency
The CUE control system facilitates simple and effective automated controlling of all modern technologies used in contemporary company buildings.

By integrating the control of all technologies into one well-arranged user interface, the CUE system enables all employees to use the equipment safely and without fear of making a mistake. Besides, using the CUE control system reduces the number of employees needed for maintenance and operation, thus lowering expenses.

Further cost reduction results from energy saving, as CUE offers effective and cost-saving control of heating, airconditioning, lighting and other technologies heavy on energy. The system can also announce failure or maintenance requirements automatically via e-mail or SMS.

By introducing all these features, CUE keeps up with the latest trends in building control systems, increasing the prestige of companies which use it.

  • Meeting rooms and conference spaces
  • Training rooms and classrooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Government and justice
  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Network operation centres
For more information see CUE Building Automation brochure.

Home and Residential Automation for Comfort And Safe Living

Home and Residential Automation
Just imagine driving your car and approaching your house. Using the remote control inside the car you open the drive gate. Simultaneously, lights go on in the garage and entrance hall.

You enter the hall and disarm the security system with your personal code. As you do so, the code automatically switches on your preferred TV channel or puts on your favourite CD. The house automatically switches over into the WE ARE AT HOME mode which includes setting the temperature, window blinds, lights etc.

You sit down in the living room, fully capable of running your home cinema by means of a single touch screen. Gone are the days of endless, confusing remote controls. A corresponding button on the touch panel helps you choose your favourite programme. When the show is over you switch off the equipment in the same, simple way.

No longer do you have to walk to the switch on the wall to turn on the lights in your kitchen or swimming pool. After entering the kitchen or reaching your swimming pool you choose your music by pressing a single control button at the entrance door. The volume has already been pre-set automatically to your personal level.

  • Remote access to all home systems
  • Window Control
  • Automated gate and entry control
  • Security and camera remote monitoring
  • Multizone audio and video control
  • Lighting Automation
  • Home cinema control
  • Air Condition Control
For more information see Home and Residential Automation brochure or typical House Control Layout.

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