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Active Studio Monitor MO-1

Active Studio-Monitor MO-1
The two-way coaxial active loudspeaker system was developed for near field monitoring, e.g. for short listening distances. Considering the psycho-acoustical conditions the transmission frequency response was designed in such a way that it can be opposed against signs of fatigue during longer listening periods. The two-channel power amplifier is located in the back part of the enclosure. At the front panel the level controller, the controller of the bass-roll-off as well as the operation and overload display can be found. The loudspeaker is magnetically shielded.

For more information, see Active Studio-Monitor MO-1 technical data.

Studio Monitor Loudspeaker MO-2

Studio Monitor Loudspeaker MO-2
The loudspeaker of the type MO-2 is a compact studio monitor of our MO series. It is qualified for the use in near-field and middle-field applications as well as in outside broadcasting vans. With multichannel application we recommend the supplement by one of our active bass loudspeakers, BASIS 1...4K. Because of the construction in an active coaxial two-way technology we can ensure sound colour compatibility to our studio control monitor loudspeakers. Moreover, by that constructive measure we can achieve high naturalness and homogeneity of the irradiated sound event. Also with regard to the localisation definition and the feasibly minimum imaging of phantom sound sources the MO-2 is seamless matched to all the loudspeakers of the RL and MO series. The directivity index was determined in such a manner that an operation is feasible up to 1m minimum basis width.

The loudspeaker unit is supplied with a 160 mm cone low-frequency driver and a 25 mm high-frequency dome driver arranged coaxially. They are powered by separate MOSFET power amplifiers with an active crossover and electronic protection circuit in the back part of the cabinet. The MO-2 contains symmetric XLR input with calibrated input level adjustment. According to the position of the monitor box the amplitude/ frequency curve can be well matched in the low- and in the high-frequency range as well as in the region about 300 Hz by means of the controls on the back side.

The status of operation and also the status when the maximum level is overridden will be signalized by a two-coloured LED. The loudspeaker is magnetically shielded for compensating stray fields.

The design of the box is finished in MDF with true veneer. Various special stands and holds are available as optional extras. The corresponding appliances are integrated in the case.

For more information, see Active Studio-Monitor MO-2 technical data.

Active Studio Monitor RL 906

Active Studio Monitor RL 906
The RL 906 is the most compact studio monitor of RL series. Its dimensions suit it best for near-field purposes, for use in outside broadcast vans, as the main monitor for small audio and video production studios, or for multi-channel audio use.

Just like the other RL-speakers we choose our coaxial-technique to keep this active two-way monitor compatible in sound. We spend much effort to achieve a uniform sound throughout the whole RL series. This makes it possible to change from a mobile broadcast van to a stationary studio within one production. Also the acuity of focus and a minimum appearance of phantom-sound-sources makes the RL 906 comparable to its bigger brothers.

We meticulously designed the directivity and power concentration of the speaker´s sound in a way, that a frontal installation is possible. So the speaker don´t need to be pointed towards the listener. This turns out to be an important advantage in broadcast vans or for installation parallel to video screens.

The loudspeaker is equipped with a 13 cm ( 5" ) cone woofer and a coaxial arranged 25 mm ( 1" ) tweeter. Each is powered by a separate MOSFET-amplifier with active crossover and electronic overload protection. The amplifier is situated in the back of the cabinet.

The RL 906 provides a balanced XLR-type input with an adjustable input level. To compensate their placement, the speaker features three controllers to continuously adjust the high and low frequency response and also the frequencies around 300 Hz. These controllers are attached to the cabinet´s backside. A two-colored LED indicates the state of the amplifier and warns of clipping. We optionally offer this speaker magnetically-shielded. There are also various stands available as optional extras, which fit in the speaker´s integrated appliance.

For more information, see Active Studio Monitor RL 906 technical data.

For other types of monitor speakers or high-end loudspeakers please visit Musikelektronik Geithain / Germany.

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