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With the extensive growth in the public areas, accurate and timely information becomes more and more important for today´s visitors. Public areas, shopping malls, airports all over the world try to anticipate this by using various public address systems and automatic announcements.

Mediatronics is experienced in a high availability Automatic Announcement System, which uses all resources wisely in a load-balancing process. The heart of the system is a SQL-database in which the flight tables, the announcement orders, status of the zones as well as system status and logs are stored.

In order to provide all visitors every needed information at the right time at the right place we offer you an integrated system, which is able to handle all available announcement types. Our solution includes in addition to the control of PA-Centres and central announcements, automatic announcements as well as time controlled announcements.

The announcements´ functions are realised by software modules, which communicate over TCP/IP sockets, access common SQL databases and are installed on identical hardware platforms (PC, Windows2000 or Windows XP). The database maintenance can be done by us or by the customer himself.

All modules can be installed on a single personal computer or can be alternatively distributed over multiple computers so that a redundant concept is automatically provided. Complex record layouts as well as commercial announcements are possible, too. The basic version of our system provides eight channels, which can be used simultaneously for different announcements in different airport zones. The performance can be expanded by adding more computers or soundcards depending on your special wishes and dimensions.

Additionally our system provides you the possibility to log all announcement activities, which makes them traceable and enable you to compile statistics.

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For more information see Announcement Systems Brochure.

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