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Steerable Array Systems

Steerable Array Systems Steerable Array Systems

Delivering highly intelligible speech and crystal clear music in highly reverberant spaces is no easy task. But ICONYX Series Digitally Controlled Column loudspeaker put the power of digital technology on your side. Fully digital Class D amplifiers controlled by powerful DSP engines and patented algorithms enable you to deliver focused sound energy only where it is needed.

Modular Construction

ICONYX Series Columns are assembled from 8-transducer/8-amplifier modules; 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel models are available.

Fully Digital

Multiple 8-channel Class D digital amplifiers controlled by powerful DSP engines allow the shape and aiming of the vertical beam to be defined from a remote location.

Advanced algorithms

focus energy into tightly controlled beams.

Versatile Beam Control

Beams can be shaped to fit application; can be symmetrical, asymmetrical and even dual.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

"Thin Stick" vertical profile blends easily with both classical and contemporary architecture.

For more information see ICONYX brochure.

ST/STX SERIES Loudspeakers

ST-STX Series Loudspeakers
PM-3 PowerNet Intelligent Amplification - Advanced 3rd Generation Class D Technology - Integral Driver-specific Processing Remote System Management - Flexible Configurations

Complex Conic Horns

Designed around the spherical expansion of the acoustic pressure wave, Complex Conic Horns control dispersion more accurately at both the upper and lower extremes of their pattern bandwidth. Not only are they more effective than rectangular horns, they also sound far more natural.

Patented CoEntrant Transducers

The CoEntrant Mid-High driver is the first new method for converting electrical impulses into acoustic energy in decades. It combines a mid-range cone and high frequency compression driver into a wideband true point source with low distortion and high power. CoEntrant drivers loaded with Complex Conic horns offers numerous measurable advantages over dual horn and Co-Axial topologies, including smaller size, lower weight, inherent phase coherency and smoother frequency response.

TRAP (TRue Array Principle) Design

By placing the acoustic center as far back in the enclosure as possible, TRAP design closely aligns the acoustic centers of arrayable loudspeakers. This unique design minimizes interference in multi-loudspeaker clusters.

RPA: The Plug ´n Play Array

Because each element of every ST sound reinforcement system can be addressed individually, ST is the ideal platform for Reference Point Array (RPA) systems integration. RPA design is a complex process that integrates and optimizes signal processing, hanging hardware, drivers, waveguides and enclosures. RPAs deliver near-perfect array performance right out of the box.

Flexible Audio & Control Network Technologies
  • High CMRR Analog Input, or
  • CobraNet® 64 channel digital audio network (1 digital input, 6 individual analog outputs)
  • LOWER conduit, cable and wire pulling costs with CobraNet´s 64 audio channels plus R-Control Remote Supervision on one CAT 5 cable
For more information see ST/STX brochure.

CF/CFX SERIES Loudspeakers

CF-CFX Series Loudspeakers
The CF/CFX Series incorporates sound system performance in real acoustic spaces. With the help of this invaluable experience and feedback, Renkus-Heinz has developed a broad range of systems that provide effective solutions for almost any sound reinforcement problem.

CF and CFX Series loudspeakers are equipped for easy use in both portable and permanent applications. All are equipped with a Tripod socket to allow pole mounting in portable use, except for the miniature CF/CFX61 and the floor mounting CF/CFX121M floor monitor.

For more information see CF/CFX brochure.

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