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Commercial Sound System For Public Address, Paging and Evacuation

Varizone System Varizone

  • You can create the zones of your PA System completely flexible and independent from speaker runs
  • You can change the zones any time without rewiring
  • You can adjust Volume and EQ for every single speaker in your system separately
  • You can play different audio in any of your zones at the same time
  • Your PA systems controller knows the status of every single speaker
  • You can provide every zone with individual information in case of an evacuation
  • You can change the audio source and volume of any speaker in your system remotely
Varizone is a revolutionary fully digital public address audio technology with amazing configuration and control capabilities. The power of Varizone far exceeds that of traditional systems designed around rack mount amplifiers and 70/100V systems.

At the heart of the system is the VADIS frame. This frame is loaded with proprietary analog and / or digital inputs, bus outputs, DSP and other specialty cards based on the system requirements. Control for the VADIS frame and the respective cards contained within the frame are provided by an internal controller based on embedded MS WindowsXP running the Varizone VADIS control software.


A fully digital bus structure (DSS-Bus) distributes uncompressed digital audio data from one or many VADIS frames to an unlimited number of remote amplifier modules (PAMs) using either CAT5 or traditional four conductor stranded twisted pair cable. Each PAM is a 2-channel device capable of powering (4) 8 Ohm loudspeakers.

The bus interconnect also supplies all active components on the line with DC power. To refresh DC voltage and the digital bus signal, power bridges are strategically placed at points throughout the bus interconnect and connected to 220VAC.
DSS-Bus Principles
  • Local Amplifier modules (PAM) replace central 70/100 V Amplifiers
  • DSS Multi channel bus for connection to VARIZONE Matrix Controller
  • Free design of zones independent from speaker runs
  • Surveillance of all system components up to Loudspeakers
  • Convenient change of zones without any rewiring
  • Excellent audio quality
Basic DSS-Bus Components


Octo-Bus Varizone

In order to connect or distribute analogue audio signals from/to remote locations Klotz Digital has developed a specific, bidirectional digital audio bus OCTO-BUS. This bus is able to carry via a CAT5 cable 8 audio channels bidirectional @ 16 Bit resolution or 4 channels @ 24 Bit resolution inclusive of control data respectively. Front end of this bus can be either a paging station, 4 channel input module (switchable between mic/line) or 4 channel output modules. Cable distances up to 200 meters can be interconnected in this manner. For longer distances Klotz Digital´s product line offers fibre optics connections with 64 audio channels per fibre core.

Octo-Bus Basics

VARIZONE is a technology suitable for small, medium and large solutions. Depending on the application 3 different sizes of controller (frames) can be used:

For more information see VARIZONE technical data


visit the website of US VARIZONE distributor Atlassound for an animated VARIZONE presentation.

Moodmixer for Background Music

Background Music Mood Mixer™

Moodmixer is a software package that plays background music as per schedule or desire. The software installed on a central computer connected to the PA system creates a powerful hard disk audio player that fully automates the scheduling and mixing of your music or pre recorded announcements.

This software integrates the complete set of audio automation and signal processing features which have been used for nearly 20 years in the professional radio broadcast industry. The system can drive up to 8 different music channels simultaneously. By using off-the-shelf computer technology, this professional background music and announcement solution is affordable for small to large businesses.

Moodmixer is an icredible tool for for places where microcasting is desired. It can even produce additional revenue which comes on top of any turnover generated by th standard business. The function at a glance:
  • Music scheduling for audio/video streaming
  • Intelligent, personalized music systems for background music in high-class hotels, holiday resorts, entertainment parks, on cruise liners, ferries or yachts
  • Internet based hotel radio, in-store radio, branding radio, broadcasting to restaurant chains
  • Automation/improving results of filtering techniques for product recommendations
  • Dynamic display / playlists of web site content

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