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VAB-Line powered by VARIZONE™

Varizone™ digital public address system Varizone™ digital public address system

As a Voice Alarm System, the VAB-Line offers all the essential functionalities in compliance with IEC 60849 and other modern safety standards. For example each loudspeaker as well as the complete system is monitored automatically. The new VAB1 controller is the latest development of KLOTZ DIGITAL´s VARIZONE product family. That means the well established digital bus structure (DSS Bus) in combination with the widely used Digital Router Technology are the base of this DSP controlled PA engine.

Being a dedicated EVAC controller VAB1 can also serve you as standard Paging Announcement System as well as a Background Music System. Security features at a glance:
  • Solid state monitoring
  • Priority management for paging and evacuation
  • Internal message memory
  • Push-to-talk handheld mic (fireman mic)
  • Monitoring of speaker lines down to each single speaker
  • Link to fire command center and other control devices
For more information see Varizone VAB-Line Brochure.

VAB1 Controller

Varizone ControllerSince VAB-line is based on the DSS-Bus structure the VAB1 controller is able to serve up to 48 DSS-busses or in other words it can provide up to 6,500 Watt speaker power using I-PAM´s. By using VAB1 in combination with our external Line Manager the system can control unlimited traditional 70/100V speaker lines. Main features of VAB1 at a glance:
  • 51 x 32 internal digital router

  • Unlimited number of zones
  • Any input can be assigned to any or multiple zones
  • 8 different audio channels are carried via DSS-bus
  • DSP signal processing
  • Configuration via intuitive software GUI
  • 4 control voltages onboad
  • Optional system access via internet
For more information see VAB1 Controller brochure.

VAB1 is a very attractive product for small to medium applications. It can be combined with nearly all standard VARIZONE components:

Evac voice alarm SYSTEMs( EVAC )voice alarm systems

We provide a complete VOICE ALARM solution for projects with up to 80 speaker lines.The matrix EV-5000 is the head of the system which manages all signal routing and supervision. Serveral call stations can be connected and no additional electronics for supervision is needed.


Download PDF Made in Europe EVAC-System Brochure.


PANTURA Voice Evacuation Systemvoice alarm systems

Innovation Makes The World A Safer Place

PANTURA is an intelligent P.A. system that has been designed for a variety of applications including paging, public address, control, monitoring and emergency alert systems. It is user-friendly, scalable and packed with innovative and functional solutions regarding safety.


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